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I am Pratigya, the passionate force behind “Makeup by Pratigya.” With over 4 years of experience as a skilled makeup artist and hair stylist, I have embraced the art of enhancing beauty and transforming faces into canvases of self-expression. Fuelled by my creative fervor, I embarked on this journey after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, which equips me with the perfect blend of artistic vision and managerial proficiency.

My hands have gracefully painted countless stories onto faces, accentuating features and allowing inner confidence to radiate outward. Through the delicate touch of brushes and the precision of hairstyling techniques, I bring forth a unique blend of elegance, modern trends, and the timeless essence of beauty. Every client I work with becomes part of a collaborative journey, where their vision and desires intertwine with my expertise to create stunning and unforgettable looks.

The world of makeup and hairstyling isn’t just a profession for me; it’s a realm where art merges with empowerment. Witnessing the transformation and the smiles on my clients’ faces as they embrace their enhanced beauty fuels my passion each day. My commitment extends beyond the application of makeup; it’s about ensuring that you feel not only beautiful but also confident in your own skin.

With “Makeup by Pratigya,” I aspire to offer more than just a service – I provide an experience that captures your essence, enhances your natural charm, and celebrates your individuality. Whether it’s for a wedding, a special event, or a simple desire to feel stunning, I am here to craft a personalized journey that brings your beauty dreams to life.


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About Us

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At “Makeup by Pratigya,” trust forms the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. With years of experience and a passion for beauty, we stand as dedicated professionals in the world of hair and makeup styling. Every brushstroke, every curl, and every shade is a testament to our unwavering dedication to bringing out the best in you. We understand the significance of your special moments and the importance of looking and feeling your absolute best. Our team of skilled experts is driven by the artistry of transformation, crafting looks that not only enhance your features but also reflect your individuality. From classic elegance to contemporary trends, we curate styles that resonate with your unique personality and the occasion’s essence. When you choose us, you’re not just choosing a hair and makeup stylist – you’re choosing trust, professionalism, and a promise to turn your dreams into a stunning reality.

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